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The Unexpected Importance of Nametags

“The importance of nametags is increasing in all service sectors and proving that in the world of corporate branding, sometimes it is the smallest of details that can have the biggest impact” (Flanders). From the size and shape of the nametag to the font and color, every decision is just as important as the design of your storefront. A nametag automatically gives your employee a personality. Employees are vital to a company’s image and a first impression is profoundly important.

Employees are an edifice of the brand of a company and, “nametags boost employee professionalism and motivation, increase accountability and in turn productivity and sales.” Brandon Butterfield, director of marketing for Franklin Covey, a leading learning and performance services firm, claims that from day one an employee will feel more valued and a part of the team when presented with a nametag. Creating a culture of team and value is critical if a company wants to instill a sense of ambition and drive on the sales floor. In turn, an employee’s faithfulness to the company leads to increased motivation on the sales floor leading to higher sales and profits.

While nametags are clearly necessary for employee affirmation, the badges also make it easier for customers to feel more connected to the salesperson. Having the ability, or at least the option, to call someone by their name and not “salesperson,” or “waitress” is much more personable and feels more comforting and genuine. Instilling a sense of familiarity is just one aspect to aiding customers through their shopping, dining, etc. experience. Another is the ease of identifying an employee. While it seems like such a meek concept, Ellen Flanders, president of Imprint Plus the largest nametag company in the U.S., states that a simple complement to the store image impressed on an employee yields the employees more approachability, plus they are easily identifiable amongst fellow customers.

The greater the performance by the employees, coupled with a superior customer experience is the ultimate combination for all sales-based companies. A humble nametag should help do the trick.

Kott, Marla. "What's in a Name Badge?." Marketing Magazine, vol. 107, no. 27, 08 July 2002, p. 15. EBSCOhost,,uid&db=buh&AN=7133784&site=eds-live.

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